Just call me Mr Clever and get it over with…

My name is William Caxton – yes THE William Caxton. I invented the printing press in 1476, taking book production from the monastery to the mainstream and thus enabling many more people to learn to read and write and… well, the rest is history as they so observantly say.

I have been haunting the publishing world ever since, just waiting for someone to make a similar step change before I returned to bodily form.  And here it is: WordPress, clever stuff, and even the name pays homage to my own little innovation.  Neat.  It appears that in many other aspects of your modern world consumers have become disempowered through technological advances.  For example, only a generation ago the averagely competent chap (they usually were gentlemen not ladies) could take a spanner to his motor car (what a splendid invention that is, I must say) and change his oil or spark plugs or adjust his carburettor; these days he must take his car to a specialist who plugs in a diagnostic computer.  But in WordPressLand, power has most definitely come to the people.  Most impressive.

I have come back (or forward, if you prefer) to help.  Specifically, I’m here to help anyone who fancies trying their hand at online publishing by setting up a website however bloggy it may or may not be.  I am still working on how to do this so please do bear with me.

In the 15th century I was always greeted as Mr Caxton or Sir.  I believe that insisting on this today may be seen as rather formal or even pompous, so you may call me, ahem, William.  Never Will or Bill.  And never Willie or WC.  Thank you.  I look forward to being of service.